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New Parents

Choosing a new school for your child is a very difficult decision. If you are interested in applying for your child to join Holy Trinity, we would recommend you and your child coming for a visit to the school.   Please call the school office to arrange a suitable time.  

If you are interested in sending your child to Holy Trinity, please read the information on this page and then phone to arrange a telephone conversation with the Headteacher. If you require any additional information, Miss Couse, our Early Years' Lead will phone you. It is vital that you are armed with as much information as possible in making the right choice for your child.


We are more than happy to help

The deadline for applying for a primary school place is Midnight 15 January 2024.

Holy Trinity Church of England Academy Prospectus

For a copy of our School Prospectus please speak to our Office staff, or download a copy.

Academy Prospectus

Dress Code

Absence Table

Welcome to Reception

The Welcome to Reception booklet is an example. It will be amended slightly, depending on which induction group your child is assigned. Please find the 2022/23 version below.

Welcome to Reception 

Exploring Holy Trinity

School Readiness

To download information about keeping your child safe online, please download: Keeping-Under-Fives-Safe-Online

Wiltshire Council have produced a leaflet entitled 'Top Tips for you and your child starting school: School readiness leaflet

The School Nursing Service has put together a powerpoint that can be used to raise awareness of health issues for your child starting Holy Trinity and support available to them from the School Nursing Service: Your School Nursing Service slide show for primary school parents

'Parents are very positive about the academy. A very high number responded to 'Parent View', Ofsted's online questionnaire, to share their views about all aspects of the academy. Many also wrote at length in support of the academy and described it as being excellent with staff that 'go above and beyond' to ensure pupils' well-being and academic achievement. They appreciate the regular communications they receive from the academy and see leaders as taking time to act on any concerns they raise.'
Ofsted 2016

'Pupils enjoy attending Holy Trinity Church of England Academy. They say their teachers are kind and caring. The strong relationships they have with staff help pupils to feel happy and safe. Parents echo pupils views and appreciate the safe and nurturing environment'.
Ofsted 2021

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