Review of the Year 2018-19

All the children thought about what they have loved this year. They then shared their thoughts at the End of Year Leavers Service 2019:

I have really loved playing on our new climbing equipment. I have also enjoyed learning about Space. I liked seeing the cheetahs when we went on our school trip to the Wild Place Project. I love choosing time and reading in the book corner. I liked seeing the giraffes on the school field trip. I enjoy phonics because we learn new digraphs.

In Year 1, I have liked maths because I like doing division. PE has been lots of fun because I liked playing games with Mr. Tomlinson. Open the Book has been great because I have enjoyed listening to God's stories. In Year 1, I have liked art, especially making our Coat of Arms. I loved drawing story maps to learn a new story. The laptops are fun when you work with a partner to write sentences.

In Year 2, I liked making our paper-mache bugs because we got glue all over our hands and then we got to paint them. It was messy and fun. I also enjoyed maths because we learned new ways of adding and subtracting together. Planting beans with Mrs Innes was fun and I liked that we took the beans home with us. I definitely loved making bottle rockets because they actually flew high into the air. The tour we has of the SS Great Britain was epic even though some of the cabins were a bit scary.  I loved making bottle rockets in year 2, because I liked watching the vinegar spray out the back. It was great watching them blast off. We did art every Friday and I liked when we made the bugs which are now hanging on the ceiling. They don’t actually crawl though.PE was fun and I have got much better at tennis.

Our topic in history was the Egyptians, we read a class book called ‘There’s a pharaoh in my bath, which was really interesting.We also went on a school trip to the science museum and the planetarium was amazing because it got everyone involved and we went on a space holiday to all the different planets.I now really enjoy history and I loved learning about the Romans and think I have improved at it. I have discovered some great facts, for example, did you know that Romans used to eat dormice? Also that gladiators used to fight hippos in the colosseum.I’ve really enjoyed my time in Y3 and am looking forward to moving onto Y4. I think this year I have become much better at maths. I didn’t really like maths to start with but now I really like doing fractions and also multiplication, this year I’ve learnt how to do the cherry method. In history we ‘ve studied the Romans and I really enjoyed making mosaics in art. It was like a puzzle, gluing them and making it perfect by pushing them together. It was fun and I got glue all over my hands.  I also really enjoyed our Roman Day when the whole class dressed up, even Mr Trendell, we had a real Roman battle and practised different formations like the turtle.

Year 4 has been such a marvellous surprise! I’ve done a lot of things like when we went to JBS to watch Mary Poppins or when we drew each other’s portraits. Oxenwood was great, we built shelters and I learnt to ride a bike. I might not have done it there and then but Mrs Milford-Silver helped me.I liked when we did Trinity Day! We made clay sculptures and made Trinity day prayer pictures.I will never forget Y4, it will always be treasured at the bottom of my heart. Oxenwood was fun when we went rock climbing because it was raining which made it more challenging for me. I was very impressed with myself when we did the Viking saga because I remembered to do all the things like paragraphs. When I came into year 4, I was very shy to come in and now I am happy to express my feelings to other people.My favourite part of year 4 was when we did DT, making the animals move

One of my favourite memories of Year 5 was Cadbury World, which was awesome. We tempered chocolate, got to write our name in chocolate and went on the special train. We made some cereal bars because our topic was Fairtrade. We had to use Fairtrade ingredients - it was really fun. When we had our mountains topic, we tried alpine food like pretzels, chocolate, goats cheese, brie and stilton. It was really hungry. Making playdough was really fun - we had to work as a team. We made clay buildings, foam trees and ski lifts with moving parts. Netball, rounders and tennis were all fun and exciting. We learnt lots of stuff that we didn't know. 

I have really enjoyed Year 6.  I enjoyed the zip-wire at the Beacon and the activities there. Also, the Science we did with torches and a cup to make a shadow.  I liked PE and all the sport, especially cricket and netball. I loved doing the fiver challenge because we made and sold products. We learned what it was like to run a business. I have loved being in Year 6 and I have enjoyed all the fun and happy moments.  For example: The Fiver challenge, all the school trips and the Beacon.  It will be really sad to leave everything and my class, who I have been with for 7 years, but I wish them all good luck in the future. Year 6 has been an amazing experience for me, and I’ve really come out of my comfort zone doing things I never imagined I could do! The highlight of Year 6 for me was definitely the zip-wire at the Beacon.

Contributions by Charlie, Kiahola, Freddie, Gracie, Fleur, Jeremy, Ollie, Olivia, Theo, Isabella, George, Maia, Will and Summer.