Review of the Year 2017-18

At our End of Year Service at St Mary's, each class was asked to think of 'things to give thanks for'. Here is what the children came up with:

We enjoyed it when we had a beach day. We played in the sand pit, went in the paddling pool and made some playdough ice creams. We went on a trip to Roves Farm. We liked going on the coach, holding the animals, the soft play and going on a tractor ride.

I remember making dinosaur puppets. I made a pterodactyl. I really liked sewing - it was great fun. I like storymaking. I liked the story of The Three Little Pigs. The big bad wolf is my favourite character!

I really enjoyed going to Avebury because I got to see the sarsen stones. I enjoyed maths because it is challenging and fun. I liked keyboards because we learnt the notes c, d, e, f and g. I liked the winter landscape: we painted a colour wash and then layered on the detail. I enjoyed learning with my friends, because if I get stuck with my work they can help me. I enjoyed sewing my bag, because we learnt new techniques which were the running stitch and back stitch. I also enjoyed the Christmas Play - 'The Innkeeper's Breakfast'. I liked that when I wasn't saying my lines someone else was, and their lines were perfect. I wrote lots of things in literacy which was really fun.

I did lots of really fun things. Trinity Day was really fun; we used clay to make a sculpture about the Trinity. We collaborated with Y1 to do a big picture. The topic was People of God. Learning about Vikings was really fun. My favourite bit about the Vikings was learning the Viking runes. We had to write our names in Viking Runes - it was quite hard because they weren't the letters that we used. One of my best memories is Oxenwood because it was the first school trip that I stayed overnight. When we were shelter building, it just let my imagination run free. My group found perfect sticks, which made a great shelter if you decide to stay in the wilderness. Oxenwood is a great place to watch nature grow or even observe nature run or fly by. When we did archery, my strength got better on a bow. Every day at Oxenwood, I would get satisfied by something we would learn about - even if it wasn't something you would expect. Oxenwood was one of my best memories.

Throughout the year I have become more mature and have become kinder in my approach towards my friends. I try to put myself in other people's shoes before I act. I ask myself 'What would I feel like if it happened to me?' As the year has gone on, I have become more positive in my learning and I am now willing to give it a go. I have become more confident through the year. Last year I was quite shy, but I am now able to share my ideas. I have become a better friend this year. I will always stop and help my friends and make sure that they are ok.

This year we enjoyed going to The Beacon, because we did lots of fun activities with all our friends. Our favourites were crate stacking and the zip wire, even though Lottie couldn't do it, because she was on crutches. But she still persevered to encourage other people. Within this, others worked together to achieve a goal just out of their reach. In reaching them you felt a sense of achievement. It was nice to spend a whole week with the class, as we are going to different schools next year. Our class enjoyed Design technology and art. We got to design a piece of art work with a scale focusing on climate change. We also enjoyed making papier mache volcanoes and watching the explode. It taught us patience because it took ages!

Contributions by Kacey, Max, Amelie, Freddie, Ryan, Eliza, Laiton, William, James, Isabelle and Finlay.