Below are a list of key policies. If you would like a paper copy, please ask the office.

Administration of Medication Policy
Attendance – Children Missing From Education Policy
Attendance Management Policy
Behaviour Policy
Charging & Remissions Policy
CP – Anti-bullying policy
CP – Image Use Policy
CP -Mobile Phone Policy
CP -Online Safety Policy
CP Acceptable Use Policy
CP Holy Trinity Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Curriculum -Collective Worship Policy
Curriculum -Handwriting Policy
Curriculum -Marking and Feedback Policy
Curriculum Offer Policy
Curriculum- SRE Policy
DP Data Protection and Information Handling Policy
DP Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers
DP Records Management Policy
Early Years Policy
Equalities Action Plan
Equalities Information 2017-18
Evidencing the impact of PE and the Sport Premium
Freedom of Information Policy
HT Procedures for administering medication
Policy for Unreasonable or Vexatious Complaints
SEND -More Able Provision Policy
SEND Information Report 2018-19
SEND Policy
SMSC Policy 2015
SRE Policy May 2017
Violence & Aggression Policy