Pastoral Support

Pastoral Support at Holy Trinity

We have identified a number of children who would benefit from a higher level of pastoral support since the pandemic. Mrs Fergusson is a highly experienced teacher, who has a real strength in this area and benefits greatly from being our SENco. It is envisaged that Mrs Fergusson will work with children individually and in small groups. The children selected will have a tailored programme, with the Pastoral Support Manager reviewing the children’s progress weekly. Mrs Fergusson will support our youngest learners (Reception - Year 2)  and Miss Moore will work in tandem to support our older children (Year 3 -Year 6). The Pastoral Support Manager’s role is to support parents in removing obstacles that may affect their child’s learning. Teachers also use the Pastoral Support Manager as a sounding board for any issues which crop up in the day-to-day life of their classroom. Mrs Fergusson and Miss Moore will notify the parents of the children involved. When your child has an issue that may affect their learning, please talk to their class teacher in the first instance.