Parents’ Evening – IMPORTANT

Parents’ Evening – IMPORTANT

Dear Parents

Before your parents evening appointments next week please check that the device you are
going to use is compatible with Sound Cloud Parents Evening. Below are the requirements
and also a link to the troubleshooting pages.

Appointment times are set strictly to 10 minutes each and will automatically cut off at the 10 minute mark.
Teachers are not able to extend your session and would need to move onto their next appointment.
We would therefore strongly advise that you check the requirements carefully BEFORE your appointment
time. Missed appointments cannot be rescheduled at this time.

Check you're using a compatible web browser
The following web browsers are supported for making video calls:
• iPhone/iPad: Safari
• Android: Chrome or Firefox
• Windows: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (latest version only)
• Mac: Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

Check your camera and/or microphone is working
We recommend using a smartphone as all have a microphone, while most have a front-facing camera.
If you're using a laptop with a built-in webcam or a computer with a USB webcam, try checking your webcam works by opening the Camera application which should come pre-installed on your computer.

Remember to close any applications that are using the Camera, as it can only be used by one application at a time.
Check your web browser has access to the camera and/or microphone
When accessing video calls for the first time, your web browser should ask you if you wish to allow access to the camera and microphone.
If your camera and/or microphone is not detected, you'll see a message similar to this:


Please follow the suggestions below and then press Try Again.
Steps to try:
1. Try refreshing the page to see if the web browser prompts you for access to the camera and microphone.
    If you're prompted for access, choose Allow.
    Otherwise, continue to step 2.

2. Check if your web browser is blocking access to the camera and microphone and if so, unblock access.
The steps depend on which web browser you're using:
a. iPhone/iPad
    Safari - open Settings from the Home screen, then choose Safari, and scroll to the Camera & Microphone Access option.
b. Android
    Chrome - click here to view guide
    Firefox - click here to view guide
c. Windows

Chrome - click here to view guide
Firefox - click here to view guide
Edge (latest version) - press the three dots in the upper right and choose Settings, press Site permissions on the left, followed by Camera and Microphone on the right. Ensure camera and microphone access isn't blocked for this website.
d. Mac