Home Learning

Following the decision to close the school for the majority of children (for an unspecified period), I am writing to outline our plans to help the children’s learning to continue.

Each child has taken home an English workbook (phonics or reading comprehension) and a Mathematics workbook. These books are year group specific and can be used daily. They provide each child with a range of activities to complete. Ideally, it is envisaged that children will do two pages of English and two pages of mathematics each day. Obviously, this will depend on if they are showing symptoms of the Coronavirus and if they have adult support they may need.

In addition, each class has a mini-project which has been outlined on a sheet by your child’s class teacher. This activity aims to develop the cross-curricular element of learning and can contain art or geography, for example.

At the moment, we have no way of knowing how long the enforced closure will last. Hopefully each child has access to reading materials that has been supplied – daily reading must be a staple of each day for your child, whilst they are not in school. Access to Times Table Rockstars will allow the children to utilise technology with a maths focus.

Staying healthy and keeping active is now more important than ever.  Get Set 4 PE will be tweeting an active task, for the whole family to complete, for each day that schools are closed. You will not need to be a Get Set 4 PE member and it will be completely free. Simply have a look at  twitter @GetSet4PE to view the daily task.

If you have any queries or you need additional information to help your child complete a task, please only use the following email enquiries@holytrinitycalne.wilts.sch.uk so that we may contact your child’s teacher.

This is an unprecedented time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our whole school family for their support and forbearance.

Please also check the Calne Community tab for any community projects that the children can become involved in and also how they can be involved in our continuing school newsletters.

Graham Shore


Learning online

We have put together some lists of really good learning sites for you to look at and try at home. There is a variety of fun, creative resources for your children to use that will stimulate their learning and engage them. We have tried to choose the best resources for each year group, so that they are easy for you to find simply by clicking the link you want.

Please click on the link to download, Reception learning sites

Please click on the link to download, KS1 learning sites

Please click on the link to download, KS2 home learning sites

Free Colouring Sheets from Mr Dunn

Mr Dunn, has kindly, made available free colouring sheets of his own illustrations, on his website (link below) 


Music with Mr Garcia

Mr Garcia, our drumming teacher, has prepared some KS1 music activities. You don't need a musical instrument.
Please click on https://davidjgarcia321.wixsite.com/music/ks1

KS2 activities to follow..

The Wiltshire Music Hub have prepared the following resources:

Please click on the following link to download, Primary music resources

Please click on the following link to download, Music at home activites KS2

George the Smartest Giant – Reception/KS1 activity

Based on the Julia Donaldson book 'The Smartest Giant In Town'  

George to dress.gown and crown                         

George to dress.neat clothes

Dress George in his new smart clothes and his gown and crown.

Colour in George’s clothes then cut them out (you may need help) and stick them on top of George to dress him up. 

It would be great if you could write a sentence or two about George, for example:

George has a red spotty tie and a clean green shirt on.

We would also love to see your finished work if you’d like to send a photo to enquiries@holytrinitycalne.wilts.sch.uk

The Smartest Giant in Town – Spinner – Ages 4 – 9

 Here is another fun task for ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’

 Make a spinner so George meets all the characters from the book.

 You will need:

A paper plate, the spinner template, glue, some scissors, thick paper or card and a split pin

To make your spinner:

  1. Stick the spinner wheel template onto think paper or card and cut around it.
  2. Draw and colour the six characters on the spinner wheel template in their spaces. Draw the characters above their label so it is the correct way up.
  3. Ask a grown up to help you cut a wedge out of your paper plate (see photo). The cut out wedge should be the same size as one character section on the wheel.
  4. Colour in George and stick him to your plate. Decorate the rest of the plate too.
  5. Use a split pin to fasten the spinner wheel to the back of your plate.
  6. Turn your wheel to see the characters George meets!

wheel for spinner.chracters for George to meet 


Have fun!


The Snail and the Whale – resources for KS1 

Here are some tasks for you to try that go with the book, ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson.

Draw and label your own island for the snail and whale

snail and whale.matisse snail craft

The Snail and the Whale.all places to describe

 You can draw and label your own island and write about it, describe some of the places that the snail and whale visited or make a snail picture in the style of a famous artist.

 You don’t have to do all the tasks but we’d love to see the work that you do try.

 Please send a copy to enquiries@holytrinitycalne.wilts.sch.uk if you can!

Other Learning

Wiltshire Local Authority have created a parent pack. To download a Wiltshire parent pack, please click on the following link, Looking After Yourself


There are some great ideas on the scouts website 



Wiltshire Cricket have created a small Cricket-based activity book for children to use whilst they are at home!

The activity book has a wide variety of activities, including:

- Fitness Challenges

- Maths Activities

- Cricket Practices

- English Language Activities

- Research and Geography Tasks


Please click on the following link to download, Activity-Book-March-2020