Holy Trinity’s response to rising cases

Holy Trinity’s response to rising cases

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had an increase in the number of positive PCR tests from children at Holy Trinity. In addition, we are waiting for a small number of PCR results for children, who have positive lateral flow tests to come back.  Although we have not reached the threshold of having three children with a positive PCR test in a class or 10% of the school population, we are very near the suggested thresholds.

As a result, we will be implementing a series of precautionary measures:

  • Whole school Collective Worship will now take place in classrooms
  • Parents will not be able to access the school buildings, but may wait on the school playground
  • We recommend that parents wear a face covering when coming on to the school site and are mindful of social distancing
  • Events such as Parents Forum and Friday Celebration Assembly will not take place until positive cases are reduced
  • The School Disco will be postponed until the new year – amounts that have been paid will be ‘rolled forwards’ to the next disco
  • Reducing mixing between groups of children as far as practicable
  • School swimming will be suspended

We are sorry to have to implement these new measures but feel that they are a proportionate response to the rise in cases.

I am very happy to discuss this with any parents or carers who are concerned.