Holy Trinity Covid UPDATE

Holy Trinity Covid UPDATE

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are well and staying safe.

We have had a significant drop in positive PCR tests across the school. Holy Trinity is no longer at the threshold levels of having three children with a positive PCR test in a class or 10% of the school population.

In consultation with Public Health Tracing we will be continuing with the following measures due to the current high infection rates in Wiltshire:

  • Whole school Collective Worship will continue to take place in classrooms
  • Parents will not be able to access the school buildings, but may wait on the school playground
  • We recommend that parents wear a face covering when coming on to the school site and are mindful of social distancing
  • Events such as Parents Forum and Friday Celebration Assembly will not take place at the moment and will be reviewed at the beginning of January 2022
  • The School Disco will be postponed until the new year – amounts that have been paid will be ‘rolled forwards’ to the next disco
  • Reducing mixing between groups of children as far as practicable

We are sorry to have to retain these measures but feel that they are a proportionate response to the high number of cases in Wiltshire and will assist in safeguarding face-to-face education.

The following restrictions will be relaxed (while we have low infection rates at school):

  • School swimming will resume from Wednesday 1st December
  • Breakfast Club will resume from Monday 29th November
  • Art Club will resume from Monday 29th November

I am very happy to discuss this with any parents or carers who are concerned.