Handwashing guidance

Handwashing guidance

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of us are suffering from dry, sore and cracked skin on our hands which is a result of the extra hand washing needed as our primary infection control measure in the fight against Covid-19. This is a global issue and certainly not unique to us at Holy Trinity.

After consultation with Wiltshire Health & Safety, their advice is that all children must wash their hands with soap and water.  If they are suffering from the effects of dermatitis/eczema (skin irritation) they are allowed to apply their own moisturisers (emollient) after washing hands.  Emollients must be labelled with your child’s name and not used by any other children.  They must apply it themselves when they are seated at their tables. They must not use lotions as soap substitutes.   

Please read the links below for more information and help on how to manage this condition at home.   


Some other useful tips

  • -  Dry your hands fully after washing by patting them dry, not rubbing.
  • -  Moisturisers (emollients) are an essential part of treating hand dermatitis. They help repair the damaged outer skin and lock moisture inside the skin making it soft
  • and supple again. They should be applied after handwashing, repeatedly throughout the day, and whenever the skin feels dry. Avoid products that contain fragrance as
  • these can be irritating to chapped, sensitive skin. Creams and ointments are better than lotions. The use of hand cream won’t prevent your soap and hand sanitiser being effective.
  • - Some people find overnight moisturising treatments beneficial. Apply a generous layer of a plain moisturiser just before you go to bed, then put on a pair of clean cotton gloves
  • and leave overnight.

Kind regards,


Graham Shore | Head Teacher