Holy Trinity is extremely grateful for the effort and hard work that the Friends Committee put into raising money for the school.

Chair: Mrs Gemma Vallis.
Vice chair: Mrs Jenny Snell
Secretary: Mrs Louise Rankine
Treasurer: Mrs Lorraine Percival

The Friends committee comprises of parents and friends from Holy Trinity, who meet every couple of months to plan fundraising events for the academy. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead, where we aim to raise as much money as possible to ensure that our children have the best experiences. Last year the money raised purchased 17 IPads and charging unit, Year 6 hoodies, atlases, globes plus each class was given £150 for trip subsidies. The Friends contributed £5000 to the new reception playground.

The projects for the money raised this year will be for a new timber trail and following discussions with staff, resources and extra-curricular equipment.

We are always looking for new members to join us! If you feel this is something that you would like to be a part of please join us at our next meeting, it would lovely to have some more faces.

If however you cannot make the meetings but would like to be involved please join us as a ‘sleeping friend’.

Friends Newsletters.

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100 Club

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Friends Events Letters.

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Holy Trinity Hike 2019

'People started to arrive at half 10 for the hike, a safety announcement was made then we all set off. The first part of the hike was an uphill slope that lasted for one and a half miles, I was at the back running with Mr Gray running to catch up my friends: Martha, Lois, Scarlett, James and Elizabeth. In the distance, I noticed that there were three dark shadows, but it was only the adults at the half way point! The best part about reaching there was that they had refreshing iced cold drinks and I had a Lilt.
Next, we strode across Oliver’s Castle, my friends and I raced around and had so much fun. By now we were very hot, but we were luckily heading back to the finish. By the time we got to the end I was relieved that we were there. When I received my medal, I was ecstatic!
Finally, I sat and munched on my picnic lunch. It was great, but over for another year.'

By Lanna